Why is Sail´n Galapagos the best choice for your visit in Galapagos?

Considering the fact that there are other agents offering services, here are some strong reasons why you should consider US as your representative in the Galapagos visit:

* Sail'n Galapagos is sustained in the real assistance we have offered to over 850 yachts and sailboats in Galapagos since 1999, when we started our operation. Our endorsement is the satisfaction of our clients, as well as having had the professionalism and opening to face, resolve and overcome those few cases in which special circumstances made the visit more challenging. Those experiences have helped us to improve every day and keeping having the leadership in the field.

* We are part of the islands; as active citizens we have a friendly, respectful and professional relationship with everybody that we know and work with. This way we guarantee that all the required procedures (paperwork) and permits are issued adequately, benefiting our clients.

* Yvonne's English and German is the most professional and best expressed and written among all the other agents in Galápagos.

* Our service fees are in relation of the type of visit, length of stay, size and tonnage of the vessel whose calculation can be done with our "Sail'n Galapagos estimator budget". Our invoices are sustained by the services and expenses carried out.

The taxes are not susceptible to reductions. These amounts are for the State; and we are not authorized or qualified to give any kind of discounts at the taxes. Our responsibility is that your visit has the security of being adjusted within the law.

As well as all the other new agencies, that were created after ours, we have the license to operate as a Yacht Agency, authorized by the Merchant Marine, as well as the Ministry of Tourism; and we are part of all the organizations related to this activity, that accept maritime companies, and not free-lance agents that don't even have a physical address in Galápagos. It is not only a business; it is a compromise with the region and the yachts, in concept and in actions. We believe in conservation, but through sustainable management.
a. List of assisted Yachts [in visits, general services, fueling, etc.] (Due to lack of space all Yachts assisted since 1999 have not been named. In case you requires the names, please ask us):
Velsheda Bystander Emerald K Hyperion
Stitches Explorer Azzurra Twirlybird V Starr Trail
Lazy Duck Finding Dardanella Vittfarne
Oystercatcher XX11 Mylin IV Sea Jewel Zanna
Ipanema Sapphire Boadicea Amazon Express
Voyager Krisuyen Liberty Kialoa
Rogue Iemanja Maya Ray Naos
Ocean Leopard Aria Freesia Kokomo
Tyson's Pride Horizons Anakena Asteria
Innovision Imagine Philanderer Battered Bull
Oystercatcher XXIV Alumercia Siocain Hetairos
Spada Alithia Te Manu Espiritu Santo
Sirius Askari Apsara No Logic
Phryne Katana Mi Gaea Lord Jim
Boundless Barbara Jean Fenix Northern Spirit
Privateer Ambrosia Destination FoxHarb'r Seleni
Grand Blue Ocean Phoenix Cignus Montanus Pacific Harmony
Galileo Francine Silverlining Shandor
Charlatan of Fal SeaHawk Whirlaway Andromeda
Kalevala Blue Star Bravado Scarlet Muse
Tristan Talitha G Ice Helios
Adix Cavu Bullish Athena
Sassafras Beagle Star V Tesla Constance
Queen of Diamond Deja too Amevi Karuba IV
Endevour Bella Dona Seljm Jemasa
Morning Glory Felicia Turmoil Aspiration
Miss Molly Far Out Blue Water Rally World Atlantic Rally Cup
Mystere Laurel Nirvana Big Aron
Zig Zag Cyclos Matelot Beniguet
Necker Belle Juliet Fortunato Rivendell
Lady B Archimedes Baracuda Valletta Drumbeg
Solemates Zefira Tiara Zeepard