As SAIL'N GALÁPAGOS, Yacht Services & Agency Company, we believe that coming to the South Pacific and especially to these islands, is a unique experience, to appreciate and enjoy nature in its highest degree of biodiversity, and it is an opportunity to discover a place much different than other sites in the world.

Our business relationship with you will be personalized, and we will dedicate ourselves to serve you with the professionalism and security that you deserve, with our knowledge of the laws, experiences in many circumstances, and the satisfaction that we motivate in you, and also the yacht owners, crew and guests of the vessels that we have assisted.

We began in 1999 with the determination to make Galapagos a great destination for yachts and sailboats and are dedicated to that goal. With the impressive nature of this Archipelago and our best effort we will succeed in preserving these islands together.

Please, allow us to have the privilege of giving you the best experience we can by managing your visit in Galápagos.

Ricardo Arenas
For over 50 years Charles Darwin Foundation has been the foremost organization exclusively dedicated to the conservation of Galapagos, undertaking scientific research and contributing to practical applications for long-term and effective management of the archipelago and surrounding seas.
Sail'n Galapagos has established a well deserved reputation for setting standards and a corporate commitment to maintaining a sustainable and protected environment.
It is a natural partnership for Sail'N Galapagos and the Charles Darwin Foundation to unite to ensure the sustainability of the fragile Galapagos ecosystem. Charles Darwin Foundation